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Contrepoison - ...Until Next Morning 12"
Brand new project by P.M. Tremblay. After a few tapes, this 4 track EP shows the darkest and most..
Cold Cave - Cremations CD
Cremations is a collection of early demo/live/and unreleased tracks from Cold Cave. From the proj..
Lust For Youth - Growing Seeds LP
You might know Sweden’s electronic act Lust For Youth thanks to their Solar Flare debut album w..
Bronze Age - Antiquated Futurism 12"
Dominik Fernow's Bed Of Nails venture welcomes his longtime co-conspirator Kris Lapke with three ..
Vatican Shadow - Ornamented Walls LP
'Ornamented Walls' is the most intense, brutal and, in many senses, most substantial work from Do..
Lower - Someone's Got It In For Me / But There Has To Be More 7"
Lower return as a neglected aurochs with two heartbreaking songs that both calm the earthly anxie..
Clay Rendering - Vengeance Candle 12"
Clay Rendering is a new band born of Aries couple Mike (Wolf Eyes, Failing Lights) and Tara Conne..
Vatican Shadow - Remember Your Black Day LP
"Remember Your Black Day" features the first material conceived and produced as a full length by ..
Prurient - Washed Against The Rocks 7"
After a series of releases marking reinvention and his furthest reaches into sonic exploration, W..
Shallow Sanction - Shallow Sanction 12"
Debut release from London's Shallow Sanction. A refreshing but authentic take on the lineage refe..